This meme was a time in my stylistic progression where I began to question what I considered a background image. I began to play with segmenting and negagtive white space to create something that is both clear and simple. This meme stands out in my mind for having both simplicity and individuality.

I approached this meme in the almost opposite way to the last, leaning into maximalism, camp, and chaos. I took inspiration from early internet, video game, and computer culture. I realized that the work that goes into making a great meme is about the same whether it is simplistic or over the top.

Transition Advice Meme Collage

This was my first attempt to make memes that fit together with one another on the page. It was time consuming but fun to craft it as a large piece, both stylistically and conceptually. I wanted it to be thematically consistent, making text, characters, and colors have the same effects and styles. The main thing I wanted to accomplish with this was encouraging people who were doubtful or wary of transitioning. I tried to condense key ideas that helped me accept my identity into small, accessible phrases. Despite typos and how my style has evolved since, I stil feel that this accomplished what I wanted and am proud that it could touch people.

This is one of the memes I am most proud of for its simplicity and concision. I took a lot of inspiration from manga when making this, helping me embrace a more mimimal style. It is a notable shift in when I began simplifying memes and puting characters in front of text. Prior to this, I always tried to do the most I could with text, and I thought that made it more impressive or better.

This meme represents trying to emulate a rough, hand-drawn or painted aesthetic that I became really enamoured with. I like this meme for the angles and ways it moves eyes accross the page. It obscures text in a way that makes the character fit well into the scene and pop out at the same time.

This meme has always been one of my favorites because it is simplistic in a completely different style from my usual. I generally focus on making things look like cartoons, posters, or drawings, but this is stylistically realistic. I tried to make it feel simple, visually real, and completely bizzare.

Healing from Trauma Meme Collage

After my first meme collage was beloved by friends and followers, and after recieving encouragement and requests to do another, I decided to focus this piece on recovering from trauma and CPTSD. I wanted to focus on things that I knew I needed to say to myself. I used it as an opportunity to uplift myself along with others. I wanted it to reference my first collage stylistically but also stand on its own. I dont think this collage was as aesthetically appealing on the page, but the reactions and appreciation from people was still very positive.

With this meme, I tried to emulate postmodernist graphic design and pop art posters. I really enjoyed this, because it was an excersise in working outside of my usual style. It marked a shift from saturated, chaotic memes to incorporating professional, sleek looking designs.

This was me mocking my own style a little bit. I've changed my aesthetic a lot over the course of the two years I have made memes, so for this one I made a kind of vaporwave mashup. It was my omage to vaporwave while also poking fun at it.

I featured this meme, because it is something I am both proud of but would do differently now. I was trying to emulate early tape or CD cover style, but I think it ended up a bit too busy. I would simplify the text and the background to better reflect that style.


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