View my non-fiction, collage comic 'Troubled' published in Sweet

This project was the first time I attempted to use some of the graphic design skills I had refined through making memes to create a larger, found footage, comic-like story. At the time, I was processing a lot of childhood trauma I had experienced with my mother's mental illness. I wanted to find an example that could fit into a small, digestable story but was also revealing and personal. I took inspiration from manga, utilizing negative space, black and white, and action text. I took characters and backrgounds from shows and cartoons I loved, distorting them and altering them to fit scenes. I wanted images to evoke both familiar and unsettling feelings in combination with text. I focused on text and placement to give the comic my own personalized feel, making text interact with the story and characters in physical ways.

View my multi-media Quarentine Journal featured in the CHA 'Shelter in Place Project' Grant Award Archive

This project was my attempt to document the beginning of my quarentine through photography and graphic design. I wanted this project to hold dualities representing the state of the world and my feelings, being light-hearted and serious, organized and chaotic, ugly and beautiful.


When I was around 12, I remember my oldest cousin really wanting to name his Spokane Hoopfest team Clam Dunk, but no one else seemed to think it was funny. I thought it was incredible and could never get the phrase out of my head. I wasn't sure how to harness the power of Clam Dunk until I thought up the poster nine years later. Tasty and Clam Dunk were attempts to create posters that were appealing to anyone. I wanted them to be light-hearted, funny, colorful, child-like, and pleasing.

Bauhaus Spongebob

While researching the Bauhaus art movement and photograms (imprinting an object onto photo paper), I came accross Man Ray, an influential, foundational photogramer. I could only think of the Spongebob villain, so I came up with the idea of making a Bauhaus inspired poster with what looks like a photogram of Man Ray (the Spongebob one). After that I decided to make more with other Spongebob characters.


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